The Angels’ Share Series Attacks Brutal Greed – 3 books so far

The Angels’ Share Series Attacks Brutal Greed – 3 books so far

The Angels’ Share?

During the maturation of Scotch whisky, about 2% evaporates from the cask as it matures. The vanished alcohol is known as The Angels’ Share, and, because it has disappeared, it’s tax-free. 

The Angels’ Share series

The Angels’ Share Series follows dark developments started by greedy establishment conspirators who want more and more cash flowing into corrupt pockets. Sound familiar?

The thrillers follow an all too believable story of secretive, greedy people who will do anything to avoid investigation and exposure. When fraudsters make money vanish from contracts, they enjoy vast and ongoing paydays. Before long, such crooks have comfortable seats on the gravy train and, corrupt others who go along for the ride.

What might such greedy criminals do to prevent exposure? Coverup? Lie? Kill?

As the criminals take risks, they become edgy. As the scale of their criminal enterprise grows, pressure and the risks of discovery and prosecution make them fearful. Eilidh Duncan, a young career-minded investigative journalist, puts two and two together, building strong sources who are concerned about corruption. She follows the trail. And so The Angels’ Share series begins, and Eilidh disappears.

Introduction by James Warrior

Talk about luck! Actor and narrator James Warrior performs Angels’ Cut, the first book in The Angels’ Share series. Here, he introduces the Angels’ Cut audiobook. Get it from Audiobooks or Audible.

The Audio Gremlins attacked James. Find out more.

The Angels’ Share series begins

Eilidh Duncan, a talented journalist, investigates UK Establishment corruption. Her explosive dossier details massive corruption in the dark heart of the UK Establishment. 

Eilidh exposes a corrupt conspiracy

Quote Mac Logan's Angels' Share from Abrach UK

Aided by inside information, she uncovers extensive government procurement and contracting fraud (sound familiar?). As a result, influential criminals fear disclosure in the press and beyond.

Taken by hard men, Eilidh is plunged into an insane world of pain and despair. Before long her captors become rather antsy about holding her in London. Now, at the whim of capricious captors, her life hangs by a thread.

The criminals want silence and deniability

Corrupt officials, politicians, business people, bankers, law enforcement, spooks and organized crime have removed Eilidh from the scene. They want her to say where her files and research notes are, and for the present, that keeps her alive.

One of the main conspirators, a senior official in the security services, learns of Sam Duncan’s connection to the situation. He sows the seeds of panic over the threat of investigation and exposure by a once-covert operator. Before long, fear and knee-jerk reactions escalate into violence. No one is safe. 

Sam Duncan, an unsuspecting target

Expecting a happy catch-up, Eilidh’s older brother, Sam, arrives in London. In the shadows, an enemy from his past keeps whispering in nervous ears. He meets up with a Police Inspector friend from the old days. They enjoy reminiscing, and then the darkness falls. A young woman is discovered sexually assaulted and beaten unconscious in a low-life area of town, The Met have reason the believe it is Eilidh.

Troubles brews, violence mounts, and the killing begins as poor communication, and large flustered egos throw money and thugs at their imagined problems.

Sam’s family is in danger

Sam moves his family to Ireland for protection. Using government security information, gangsters track down Sam’s family. Guaranteeing their protection means Sam must return to his old life. With no choice, he will now investigate corruption and conspiracy at the highest level. Using skills honed during the Troubles and other covert situations. Before protection is in place, the gangsters come for his family. Forced into conflict, the gloves come off.

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A Lab reads The Angels' share series by Mac Logan with his pal

Meet Mac Logan

Mac writes poetry, fiction, non-fiction and historical fantasy based on Celtic and Roman conflicts. He is a recent Chair of the Society of Authors in Scotland.

For more about Mac’s books, see Angel’s Share series.

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