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Wrong doing is the parent of cover-up. Think smoke. Think fire. Think the Angels’ Share series


What’s the problem?

Eilidh’s explosive dossier exposes greed, cynical corruption and criminality lurking in dark corners of the UK Establishment. As a result, public money evaporates like the Angels’ Share. Soon, fear of exposure drives drastic action.

Taken with callous efficiency, Eilidh begins an odyssey into a twilight world of despair and whimsical cruelty. Without doubt, it’s gonna hurt, bad… can she take it? How long has she got before they kill her?

A brutal cover-up

People say – ‘it’s a cover-up’ … ’it’s one law for them and another for us’ … ‘we bale out the banks and they get the bonuses’ … Just for once, wouldn’t it be nice if someone flushed the criminals out? Well, here you go … read the Angels’ Share series.

angels' share proof annual fraud indicator 2017

Money, money, money

Are you sceptical? For instance, how much do criminal insiders steal? Is this organised crime? … Is the £190 billion ($265 billion) reported in November 2017 simply fake news?

A frightening insight into the Establishment driven business of crime and its horrific consequences.” Steffan G Lewis

Fast moving entertainment  from Mac Logan:

Angels’ Cut – the Slice

Dark Art – the Dice

Coming soon, Devil’s Due – the Price.

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