Eero Partonen Amazing Young Footballer with Awesome Skill Set (Video)

Eero Partonen

Eero video thumbnailEero wrote a blog for my site ten years ago. Me? In that time I’ve grown older – at least that’s what my creaky body tells me.

As a footballer, in spite of obstacles, he worked hard and is now a magnificent all-arounder. Click on the video and see what I mean. He has just turned eighteen.

Eero, record goalscorer

As an under-13, he scored 58 goals in 18 matches in Australia. Selected from thousands of other players, he played representative football for the state of Victoria. I’m unsurprised to learn he is still in touch with the coaches who helped his journey. How disappointed they must have been when he and his family returned to Europe.

Pandemic? No problem – keeps working

When Covid came, Eero sustained his rock-solid work ethic. In spite of pandemic restrictions, he kept training, with discipline, a positive attitude and self-motivation and stuck with it even when things were difficult. Last year (2022) he captained Käpylän Pallo 2nd team chosen directly and without having played for the club. Not bad for a seventeen-year-old.

Semi-Pro begins

In February 2023 Eero began his first semi-pro contract with Atlantis FC (Helsinki). He turned 18 shortly afterwards. As they say:

Our target is that Atlantis Academy is one of the best junior academies in Finland. This way we aim to produce good players for club’s representative team and even for international fields.

I hope some clubs out there will give Eero a chance to prove his excellence and, of those, some will get offer him a chance to join – and will benefit accordingly.


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