Category: corruption

Unaccountable public and private organizations ruin ordinary people … like the ones you love, because they can get away with it.

Therefore: corrupt bankers, business people, politicians, officials, spooks and organized crime infest the Establishment. Eilidh has proof … her newspaper, a scoop.

*Angels Cut* – The corrupt are scared … Silence her! Eilidh is taken. Her research dossier is missing. Sam, her older brother, comes looking. A Minister (Church of Scotland, actually) with a past. Worlds collide. Wheels come off. People die. A breathless time. A wild chase. A rugged landscape. A violent end … of the beginning.

*Dark Art* – A dossier to die for. A scared international cabal. Assassins strike. Europe, USA, UK, it doesn’t matter. Nowhere is safe. Abuse of power Enraged criminals. The fight goes on. The corrupt fight back. A killing time is coming.

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