Boil-Up and Save the UK (videos)

Boil-up your kettle every night at 8:30 pm. Get the attention of Parliament and our government, wherever you live.

Make politics and our politicians change their ways. Make us proud again. If enough of us do it, we’ll be visible. Do it regularly and our presence will be inescapable.

#BoilUp. Let’s get the government’s attention in a peaceful and clear way. We can support action like the #BigMarch and demand change.

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Abraham Lincoln

A cross on paper

The voting booth in our village was a quiet place. As usual, the officials were friendly, human and had mugs of tea. There I was, a citizen voting in the referendum. Just like in elections, I made my mark and walked out, job done … I thought … WRONG! Who needs sanity?

Perhaps, we need facts. The video from yesterday’s Question Time shows some of the insane divisions … and a hint of reality. In this first case a cheerleader rouses a faction of ‘no-deal’ fans and they roar. Even so, an expert shares factual information. Look what happened.
No-deal? Oh dear … Facts, who needs ’em?

A loss of integrity

Not long after the referendum, I voted again, this time in the 2017 General Election. It’s hard to say the experience had the same sense of normalcy. You see, a promised no General Election became a lie as, opportunism overtook integrity.

Along with a troublesome result, a slogan proved hopelessly incorrect and, perhaps, bore out Lincoln’s words of wisdom. We’ve experienced anything but Strong and Stable ever since. And then there’s the red lines … OMG
What about red lines?

Sad to say

Denying my sadness, when I witness political insincerity and dishonesty, would make me a liar. Watching a daily round of half-truth fails to charm me. How can we place faith in our political status quo?

With this in mind, my heart sinks as beguiled fellow-citizens, of many stripes, rant and fight. It’s hard to watch them turn on each other with destructive aggression, egged on by mendacious, opportunistic politicians. It’s hard to miss self-serving media people chucking petrol on the flames. Who benefits? Is there even an end-game?

Of course, we might say we can just extend Article 50 and sort ourselves out. Who says the government jumped the gun? Have a look at this wee video.
Oops, did they rush into something?

Facts? Who needs ’em?

Waffle, spin and incompetence annoys me. How do you feel? Whatever your position on the EU, are you impressed? What I voted for in the Referendum is irrelevant. One thing is for sure, I didn’t vote for:

  • lies, deceit and manipulation
  • a bleak future
  • a divided UK, with citizen fighting citizen
  • a waste of money
  • a loss of international credibility
  • allowing the government to blunder on
  • political stupidity holding our power

A voice of reason, too late?

A helpful person interrupts the conflict, speaks up and calls it as it is. He challenges speakers and their blaming approach. Do the Press and politicians notice? A little sheepish, are we?.
Voice of reason? Oh dear …

What are we gonna do?

How many of us feel ignored and unvalued by the ongoing turmoil, wild emotions and entrenched positions? Do enough of us want to stop the insanity and make Parliament reform and l_i_s_t_e_n?

Grab attention, from the comfort of your own home

I’m not keen on travelling all the way from Scotland to make a noise outside Westminster. How many of the great and good are worthy of the epithet? Still, we need their attention …

You see, I’m ready to accept a fact based decision by citizens, stay or go from the EU. Look at our leaders, the way our government works is crazy and ineffective. Why must we be led to more or less certain disaster? Not because of a stay or go decision, but because of untruths, incompetence, disunity and rage?

Face yourself

You are a reasonable person, go to a mirror, look yourself in the eye. Are you truly satisfied with what you see and hear in the Brexit/Remain world? As a rule, do you believe our politicians? Do you trust them?

Why have you taken your personal viewpoint? What facts gripped you? Why not start again, properly, with clear information and choices? We don’t have to leave if it’ll harm our loved-ones, friends and family. We needn’t stay in the EU either. What price making a strong decision for sound reasons?


Here’s an attention grabbing solution … Do you remember in the old days after a TV show with a large audience stopped, there was a spike in the electricity supply when people put their kettles on.

Let’s all boil-up our kettles, every night at 8:30 pm and send a message to our elite. Do it every night until they listen to us, get their act together and reform.

© Mac Logan

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