AWOL Blues … service resumes

You reach for a balm filled paper hanky and enjoy the smooth stroking sensation as you wipe the bubble from your nose. Of course you have been been sitting there, listless, lost; on the brink of tears for a few weeks … why hasn’t Mac been posting?

Some fantasy, right. However, it’s important to cater for a broad parish and, although I haven’t had any missing-you messages, I like to think that out there a lip is quivering for the return of Jyngs! So here we go.

There has been enough good stuff going on in my life to stop me blogging for a few weeks: The flu’ is leaving me, I have a publisher and am clearing the decks to write my third book in The Angels’ Share series, The Devil’s Due.

Normal service is about to resume on the blog front too. We’re blessed with some excellent guest bloggers too:

Regina Puckett, author and friend, has written a salutary memoir with her usual gentle humour.

Gale Winskill, my excellent and feisty editor, is going to share tips which are brief, insightful, relevant and helpful to all we writers.

Then there’s some cookery, comment, poetry and a few more exciting guest contributions to come. Watch this space.

© Mac Logan

Mac Logan lives near Edinburgh, Scotland, and is the author of The Angels’ Share thriller series. You can see Mac talking about his writing.

The Angels’ Share and DarkArt, are available as are two back-stories Fumble and The First Battle. All are published by Fantastic Books Publishing.

Mac will soon be releasing series non-fiction books on the human aspects of work. Find out more here.

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