There’s Always a First Time

It’s my first time and I’m too old to be excited! Says who?

Some folk run around with their hair on fire. 

I suppose, to suit my ethnicity, I could run around with a sporran on fire… perish the thought.

My train and hotel are booked. My London Book Fair ticket is printed and ready. I’ve an exciting place to go and people to see.

Blogging the Trip

I’m a kilted man with a mission. If you’re going, see me around (kilted remember) and feel like a chat, say hi. Who knows we might even have a drink or something. I’ll be blogging about the experience.

Interaction Welcome

What’s on your mind as:
  • a writer?
  • a reader?
  • a ………
Is there anything you want to know or share? I may take some pictures and video; ideas please.

Keep in touch via: 

twitter @MacLogan_writes #macslbf.

or use the comments section with the blog posts.

I hope one or two of you will join me.

© Mac Logan

Mac Logan lives near Edinburgh, Scotland, and is the author of The Angels’ Share thriller series. You can see Mac talking about his writing.

The Angels’ Share and DarkArt, are available as are two back-stories Fumble and The First Battle. All are published by Fantastic Books Publishing.

Mac will soon be releasing series non-fiction books on the human aspects of work. Find out more here.

You can contact Mac here. Follow Mac on Twitter: @MacLogan_writes

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