Short-term Culture = Long-term Problems

Life—the way it really is—is a battle not between good and bad, but between bad and worseJoseph Brodsky

It’s short-term culture that causes long-term problems … discuss

The art of politicsOur new Tory government are back on the rollercoaster with a “mandate” … or … 37% of the vote from 65% of the eligible-to-vote population (or 24.1% of the eligible).  We may moralize about our political and financial leaders’ cynicism, hypocrisy, corruption (intended or unintended) and failures. Heads on spikes notwithstanding, what can be done? Nothing may be the honest answer, but it doesn’t sort our problems.


Does the way politicians respond to crises confirm they live in another world or perhaps “culture”. Our PM promises to govern for all the people in the UK, as:

  • some groups are barred:
    • European residents (UK tax payers) from the Euro-referendum. (Does this pander to the racist coals so readily lit in our general election frenzy?)
    • a Scottish MSP (an elected representative from Scotland) is not entitled to vote under these rules
    • denying all 16 and 17 year olds a vote as they had in the Scottish referendum
  • even political opponents change their minds, despite trenchant statements of objection earlier this month. Is this breathtaking insincerity or political necessity?

They tell us how great things are and, behind the wallpaper, fail to deliver. Yet our leaders clutch the levers of power with the fierce grip of a drowning human; pretending to democracy without the evidence of modern-day credentials.

Shamelessness has its own rewards

It’s to do with another world. Perhaps our leaders haven’t quite overcome their euphoria on achieving a stunning result. Should we have confidence in them? What does history tell us?

Irrespective of party, what can we do to get the whole sorry mess (my take) fixed so we can actually be a representative democracy?

Mostly, I see the humour in things. Not much fun, this time. Completing this wee blog, I feel great concern for our world, my country, children and grandchildren. And equally perturbed for the families of our great and good as well as all of the people who live in the UK and beyond.

© Mac Logan

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