The Reborn Tree’s Young Spirit Warrior Battles Roman Evil

The Reborn Tree’s Young Spirit Warrior Battles Roman Evil

The Reborn Tree Saga

In the far northwest of Britannia, a corrupted cabal strives to uproot the Reborn Tree. To the south, an ancient malignancy sows venomous corruption, division and death in the imperial heart of Rome. Menace permeates the known world. Watch the video.

A child’s heart is the soul of the Reborn Tree

In the far corner of this rugged and mysterious island, a restorative power awakens after thousands of years, supporting the fight for spiritual survival. The firstborn child, born to a warrior mother, is attacked time and again by hideous evil. There is no letup in the attempts to steal the soul of the Caledon.

Old ways, new beginnings

The people trust the old ways. Benign eldritch powers awaken, inspiring the future AnamDraoidh amongst the ancient stones of the Lore Glen, where a Reborn Tree sapling springs from the remains of its forerunner. Gods join legendary beasts and beings as they strive to protect the lore and culture of the Caledon, the most ancient of the peoples of the Sacred Isles.

Sacred Tree of Life

The symbolism of the sacred tree of life, rooted in the world represents a power far greater than even a magical evil enemy may comprehend. Dormant for many centuries, a youngster must revive and focus wild and dangerous powers to protect his people. In time, his fey sister will stand beside him with all the strength of the feminine, if she can survive childhood.

Resk at every turn

Evil powers from the Empire reach out to destroy a child. AnkhArran must accept exile, jeopardy and intense preparation for the conflict to come. Deep below ground in the ancient city of Zoan lies ancient knowledge, secrets and power. In a risky initiation, even survival isn’t certain; only the need to stand fast against an invisible enemy.

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