Noir at the Bar … but no Jar

Noir at the Bar … but no Jar

Noir-at-the-Bar, Dundee (video)

Late, late, for a very important date
Just time to say I’m on my way…

Truth to tell, I was on time, I just couldn’t get there when the show started. Noir-at-the-Bar started without me, now there’s a headline.

Noir at the bar - edition

priorities, who needs ’em?

What, you may ask, is more important? How about a library opening. The picture gives a clue.
Our local, recently closed, library re-opens on Saturday 29th July 10-12noon, all welcome. It’s informal, community facing and there’s free coffee and cake available. The big cheese version with speeches and pomp will follow later.
A final meting I had to attend, because I’m involved. Then …

off to Noir

Adrenalin squirting like high-octane fuel through Ferrari injectors, I dash for the car. In a few tyre-tearing gear changes the mighty VTEC engine wails and snarls defiance at the tarmac. 
Accelerating like heartburn after a vindaloo curry, my gravel spray shotguns four-legged and avian bystanders. Not even verges are safe any more … not from Murderous Mac.
Largoward, St Andrews, and Pickletillum, flash by like gore in a zombie movie. A speeding tractor, dismissed er… like a tractor. And then the Tay Bridge. Not just any viaduct, oh no, just like in Aliens …


at the bar

noir at the bar no jarDownstairs to a spacious room and a rapt audience. I arrived just as Chris Longmuir starts. She bumps-off a muddy cop to thunderous applause. Wendy Jones, event organiser, says appreciative words, turns to Amanda Fleet who pops an edgy, might-have-been-sympathetic … this’ll-wake-you-up glance at me, and I’m on. With no time to dwell on potential symptoms of scorching curry, I take the floor. The rest is er … mystery.
Angus Writers Circle gets many mentions, even in my short time there. The about us on the website helped me understand and appropriate tone for this post. I surprises people to know Angus is my middle name!

seriously folks

If you want your reading raw, direct from the writer’s mouth, Noir at the Bar is for you. As a writer, I love meeting folk. Reading’s fun and maybe next time I‘ll get a drink. Any offers?
Criminal stuff is afoot at Colinsburgh. I am in touch with Crime writers who have already expressed their interest. Contact me if you’re interested. The most popular genre in our library is Crime.


ACtiny.pngI offered a free eCopy of Angels Cut [email link] for people who attend or are interested in Noir at the Bar. Learn more here.
Email me from the link. Please say whether Kindle, iPad or other version.
My first copy request was in my email when I got home.

© Mac Logan

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