NHS Battles Covid ferociously on a Production Line of Love

NHS Battles Covid ferociously on a Production Line of Love

NHS battles Covid on a production line of love with risks

As a person who benefitted directly because our NHS battles Covid, why am I angry? As a matter of fact, I heard a senior politician say …

sorry if people feel there have been failings’ over PPE.

It made me angry. Talk about Teflon responses and culpability deflection.

Failings? You bet

In the thick of recovery, I witnessed criminal ineffectiveness. After all, I was in a Red Zone production line being cared for by, sometimes, ill-equipped NHS staff. For example:

NHS battles Covid through the night

With the usual gentle scraping noise, the curtains at my bed swished around. A doctor, all gowned and gloved up arrived to see me. I can’t remember what he was there for. Maybe another needle? Perhaps a quick listen to my chest. Seeing him from the neck up, he wore what looked like B&Q safety glasses. No visor and no real eye protection. We made warm eye contact. I learned later how risky, to him, his caregiving was. If I coughed in his face, he was unprotected with a fair chance CoVid would have him. Even though the gamble was clear, he looked after me.

Production Line of Love

I lay in what used to be a Colorectal Ward. All the team’s top nurses, surgeons, doctors … humans … all embrace new skills (so the NHS battles Covid) and knowledge to care for people like me. Every last one of them cared about me and for me. Not all had visors, but they never stopped coming, not ever. They had team meetings, learned, and never took a backward step in my time in the Red Zone. Me? I made it out. Others didn’t. I always felt love and support.

Anger? sure

No vengeful fantasies for me. I wish any politician who gets CoVid19 the very best of healing and survival. However, it’s time they stopped standing pompous, bereft of honesty and dissembling. I’ve been in the Red Zone. I’m not feeling you screwed up – I know it – I saw. Shame on you.

© Mac Logan

Mac Logan

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