Mac Logan’s Riveting Angels’ Share Series

Mac Logan’s Riveting Angels’ Share Series

The Angels’ Share Series

Eilidh Duncan, a talented journalist, investigates corruption in the UK Establishment. The corrupt don’t like it, so she disappears.

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the Angels' Share series Mac Logan

Eilidh knows …

Eilidh Duncan’s explosive dossier exposes massive corruption in the dark heart of the UK Establishment … sound familiar?  Aided by inside information, she uncovers extensive government procurement and contracting fraud. As a result, influential criminals fear exposure. Taken, Eilidh plunges into an insane world of pain and despair.

Sam doesn’t know …

Expecting a happy catch-up, Eilidh’s older brother, Sam Duncan, arrives in London. An enemy from Sam’s past whispers in powerful and corrupt ears. Unsurprisingly, the guilty: officials, politicians, business people, bankers, law enforcement, spooks and organized crime panic at the thought of exposure. Before long, poor communication, fear and knee-jerk reactions escalate into violence. No one is safe.

A hit team finds and attacks Sam’s family using government security information. He has no choice but to investigate using skills honed during the Troubles and other clandestine situations. Forced into conflict, the gloves come off. shopMac Logan’s Angels’ Share series

Do you know that about 2% of Scotch whisky is lost from the cask during maturation through evaporation? This is known as ‘The Angels’ Share,’ and the UK customs waive duty. The Angels’ Cut is a dark development of this idea, where large quantities of money evaporate into corrupt pockets.

The Angels’ Share Series are fast-paced, sometimes violent thrillers about crime, investigation, and the pursuit of secretive, corrupt establishment players. Such people lie, intimidate and commit murder to avoid investigation and exposure.

Meet Mac

Mac writes poetry, fiction, non-fiction and historical fantasy based on Celtic and Roman conflicts.

For more information, visit our Meet Mac Logan page.

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