How to find peace without really looking (video​)

How to find peace without really looking (video​)

Find peace?

Find peace indeed. What is peace? How will you know you’ve found it? Are you looking for the right thing? In the right place?

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. Albert Einstein

When I search for quotes about peace, mostly I find contrasting ideas, like:

  • the opposite of war – with countless homilies,
  • an internal “good thing” that happens when you do “good” exercise, deeds, mindfulness, spiritual stuff, and so on,
  • if you’re Scots you’ll know sandwiches get a mention, (so what if the spelling’s wrong?).

Easy to find?

It’s not for want of looking that we miss it, yearn for it, yet seldom find peace. It’s all around. It can arise in the buzz and zip of a packed city: a quiet seat in a garden, a stroll on a canal bank, the silence of an early morning.
I’m lucky, I live in a beautiful area with wonderful walks and vistas. Peace is all around here too. So, city or country, peace can be found. It’s everywhere.
Strange thing, this “peace”.

Useful definition?

Will a definition help our search?

peace [piːs] noun: freedom from disturbance; tranquillity.

Could this suggest an inner and outer reality? The environment is one thing and peaceful if you are there, or not. I wouldn’t mind betting it’s everywhere you are … right inside you. Maybe you know how to find it.

Bliss of peace

A hectic life with peaceful spaces may be as good as it gets, for many of us, these days. I’d say it’s a choice … how we use our time. If watch TV or other entertainment, we can find peace. If we engage in social media, use the Internet, go to a library, we can find peace. It’s simply a matter of time and how much we choose to spare.
Every day I take personal time, meditate and do controlled breathing. I have some useful apps on my phone.

Peace is all around

I made this video at Kilconquhar Loch late May last year. Lovely place the East Neuk.
[wpvideo AhNjXJnE]
Rambling along a quiet lane I came to an incredibly green bank and sat on a dry stump. Warm air ruffled my hair like a lover’s caress. For a moment I slipped out of time.

Why search to find peace?

Peace found me, I didn’t have to go looking. There, free from the noise and turmoil of modern life, stress oozed out of me as peace took its place. Of course, that’s only partially true: Kilconquhar or a bustling departure lounge, peace is there. I know where it is, for me.
I smile and promise myself a wee dram. That’s another excellent way to find peace. I know peace will find me again in the soothing amber glow of a crystal glass.
Peace to you …

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