Crime Writer Mac Logan Reads in Edinburgh (video)

Crime Writer Mac Logan Reads in Edinburgh (video)

Crime Writer reads at Noir at the Bar

Noir, a bar, a crime writer: all three apply to me. Because of this I’m excited, and why not.
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It’s great, it’s great,
I’ve a very important date.
I’m full of cheer
I’ll have some beer …
It’s great
It’s great
It’s great …

Imagine, you’re walking down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. As you pass St Giles Cathedral, heading towards Hollyrood, the street narrows and steepens. To begin with, there’s an historic sense of a crowded Old Town as crowds clog the pavements. Before long, I pass the legendary World’s End pub. Now, in closer proximity to the crowd I hear many languages. To be sure it’s a great experience being in a throng with cheery people.

Noir, a Bar

Crime writer venueFortunately, not everyone is heading for the Canons’ Gait, a great wee Gastro pub, there’d be some crush if they all came. In fact a happy crowd will be more than enough when I’m reading tonight, at my third Noir-at-the-Bar.

Cellar dweller

I arrive at the Canons’ Gait and it’s downstairs to the cellar bar. Inevitably, it’s suitably dim and claustrophobic for crime writers reading about dark crime and blood-curdling murder. At the same time, there’s no sense of fear as readers and writers line up buying beer, wine and snacks. Likewise, there’s an expectant murmur .
‘Hi Mac.’ Some faces turn and smile.
‘Hi everyone.’ I find a seat and a pint of beer in that order. There, next to me is Michael an expert photographer and new found friend. Later on he’ll do some handheld videography as I read from Dark Art.


Jacky Collins, you and your team do a great job. Thanks very much for another great event.

Experimental crime writer video

Sometimes videos of readings are stark. Besides, whilst it’s true readings are for  fans, it’s worth considering how we might add visual interest. And, although I’m hoping you’ll read my work, I’d welcome your feedback anyway.

© Mac Logan

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