9 Reasons UK Leaders Mustn’t Escape Failure

Escape (the past) – they wish

The only person who likes change is a wet baby. Roy Blitzer

What has escape got to do with anything political in the UK? It’s about breaking free from the gravity of useless, wasteful old ways and acceptance of failure.

‘Reduce deaths from fire,’ he said …

[wpvideo cFS4Ptpr]
An intention is one thing, and the outcome of an action is another. What is your reaction to the video? Funny? What about the challenging content (wisdom of hindsight and all that)?
What have gravity and escape velocity got to do with anything? Big Change, that’s what … Here’s a list of  7 drivers of lasting beneficial change.

Tragedy and other reasons for change

Can the UK escape the chronic and failed leadership
Boy have we had a few tough weeks. Is change needed? Can you guess my response?

  1. An awful tragedy at Grenfell Tower in London and the consequent, immense (mostly ducked) political fallout. Blame, counter-blame. Political disinterest and probable negligence. Changes to the rules were avoided and buck-passed by ministers. Cheese paring on contracts may be involved.
  2. A ‘snap’ general election failed to bequeath autocratic powers to a leader who would most certainly have used them, with uncertainty about in whose interests.
  3. A deal with a political faction (DUP) with past terrorist connections. Can we ignore the hypocrisy after the caustic press and comments about Mr Corbyn?
  4. An unexpected General Election result rocks Parliament and compromises law-making.
  5. Young people and communities find their power and voice … just as our PM loses hers and the Westminster bubble flops about.
  6. They say the UK is broke. Why did we buy HS2 and at what price? (up to £75 billion) How do we justify not using the cash for the NHS, feeding children and looking after the old?
  7. 40,000 people a year die from pollution. We have plenty of ways of killing people. Who needs Trident?
  8. The inequality, poverty and cruelty dumped on our hard-working masses is clear for all to see. This in stark contrast to the mendacity, spin and general disinterest of Ministers and apparatchiks.
  9. Then, of course, we have the issue of Brexit so divisive as it fuels prejudice and conflict between our citizens, regions and the UK countries – who benefits from fanning the flames? Anyone know what Brexit means? It’s only been on the go for a year. Me, I want facts before I commit to any direction. Maybe you prefer soundbites, slogans and being fobbed off.

Oh boy! I’m getting angry … That’s enough then, there will be many, many more items for the list … make your own.

Why ‘Escape Velocity’?

If you want to win the jackpot, you’ve got to buy a lottery ticket. MalkyA

Familiar mindsets are powerfully embedded in our culture. Like a rocket to the moon, we need enough thrust to escape the pull of the status quo until the attraction of our shared/desired future is strong enough to pull us forward.

In our democracy, we have choices, unlike many disabled, immigrant, impoverished people (who some of us despise and blame for our ills). The puppeteers (press, politicians, ideologues) pull our strings, fuel our rage, and invite blame and ill-considered aggression against innocents and the weak. Who are these manipulators? Must they go unchallenged?

How often do we cry enough at the ‘leaders’ we despise? Yet we let them go.

Pious and mealy mouths may intone: ‘will of the people, and all that – and then they do whatever they were going to anyway. What should we do? How do we change a harsh, arrogant, entitled mindset? Go figure.

Wow! Look at you … at each other

What love, support, generosity, care, selflessness and other fantastic qualities are in most of us, our communities, regions and countries. What amazing virtues to build on, while we’re energised and can see the failures, dishonesty and greed of our government …never mind ‘fraud and error’ (£22 – £44 billion per year). What’s stopping us from demanding improvement, big time?

Constructive and strong don’t mean weak:

[wpvideo LBx5R3sU]
If toddlers can do it, big people can too. We can demand change or allow our political leaders to continue as they do.  If we choose a new way of doing things, we can apply the energy of our anger and achieve a hugely beneficial and constructive response. I believe we can make it

© Mac Logan

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  1. Sign me up for that rocket. Is there one leaving from the USA? Big question–where are we going in it and who’s leading us there? Look forward to next post!

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