7 Big Aspirations for an Amazing Future … Arise Amazing UK, please-please-puleeze

Arise Amazing UK please-please-puleeze

14th June, 2017. Something’s don’t change, do they? Not even a week ago: the euphoria of the election and rising hopes. Then in Westminster the craven stupidity goes on as craven politicians scrabble for power and control:

  • the press and politicians who vilified Jeremy Corbyn for his terrorist communications are now partnering with an acknowledged terrorist-connected faction.
  • a knee-jerk grasp for power means risking a meltdown in Northern Ireland.
  • will a body count for fit-for-work assessments.

The lying, dissembling and fraud continues as the bubble tries to self-repair. How weird they all look from this side of the green tinged plastic.
For all the bad stuff, I’m hopeful my fellow citizens won’t let the malfeasance continue …

7 Big Aspirations

When did the same old thing ever get you something new? Sam Duncan

great gettin up morninDid the “same-old … same-old” mantra die this morning?
Youthful voters and the rest of us bellowed enough and forced change – and without a guillotine in sight. This transformation, I pray, will continue long after I’m gone.
We UK citizens pricked the Westminster bubble. Nor did we Scots miss the SNP globule and hit the wall.

Arrogance won’t make you whole

Theresa May’s I-know-what’s-best arrogance is now seen for what it is. How long she’ll be in denial, heaven knows. Running through a wheat field is fairly low on the scale of naughtiness … still, she did call an unnecessary election …
Are Tory assassins squad their daggers? Do they, as reported, like a spot of vicious verbal cudgelling before the blade strikes home. Will TM avoid their vengeful words? Might she still jump ship?

What about Scotland?

The days of the SNP’s over-controlling approach are numbered – and if they have the wit, they have time. Nicola Sturgeon is capable and feisty. Can she learn?
Ruth Davidson showed her apparatchik side, but there’s lots of capability there. With the world changed, what will she bring to the new order?
Keisha Dugdale is another leader to be proud of. How might she grow as a politician.
That leaves Willie Rennie, a capable fellow. How might he engage for us? In light of the other three, will he change his name to Wilhelmina, and get stuck in?

7 Big Aspirations

  1. BatmanOur voting system changes for ever and is truly representative. The evils of the First Past the Post voting system are seen for what they are and kicked into touch.
  2. Citizens set the political agenda and demand proper, focused leadership and audited outcomes. No more imposition of agendas, soundbites and mendacity – real, not “alternative” facts.
  3. Children in poverty is a primary measure of the quality of UK governance. Education, feeding, health and opportunity begin at the cradle. Crap parents are unable to escape their culpability and receive support to change.
  4. Our NHS is fully funded and ever-better run. Layers of management prove their worth and competence. People at the coal-face receive thinking and management tools and improve their effectiveness (say 20% reduction in cost with massive increase in service delivery). The right resources are at the right place at the right time. Procurement is effective, audited, subject to continuous improvement expectations. Privatisation is a measure of last resort. The operation of the NHS is constitutionally protected and not subject to political incompetence.
  5. Bling projects like HS2 happen after the basics (like 1-4) are sorted.
  6. Politicians may not take jobs, where their contacts open up a potential for corruption, for a period of 3 years. Mandatory criminalisation and detention happen where corruption is proven.
  7. We enjoy a strong positive relationship with Europe. Whatever happens with Brexit and immigration, the facts are clearly set out and the government invited to make plans that reflect our best interests, for real. People can see the reality, rational, plan and measures of performance.

My heart is light and my hopes high. The bubble’s burst … long live fresh air.

© Mac Logan

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