What do a “Pentagon Latrine” and the “French Consulate in Stranraer” have in common?

Pentagon Latrine? French Consulate?

You Up for Some CompetitionWhat do a “Pentagon latrine”, “Paris” and “French Consulate In Stranraer” have in common?

They’re all wrong answers, that’s what.

Yup, there are prizes and there are even more prizes.

I visited with my sister before she started a round the world trip. First stop Tucson. What a gift, a schmooze with my wee sister. That led to this competition.

Some competition?

Okay, okay I found myself in a little space where people may like to go after a long trip. After that there was a moment of aloneness and an idea. Why not have a competition. So, I tweeted as follows:

Guess where I took this photo just now. First correct, or most entertaining reply gets a signed book.  ????.

Challenging Picture

Easy, right? So here’s the picture challenge More info below:

some competition

Clue: the person who tweeted “That odd place they built in China to represent the rest of the world,” was somewhat wide of the mark too.

The answer will appear eventually.

Please enter and share your thoughts. There is a magnificent third prize which will be available laterr – especially if you like food and Scotch. Please:

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Have fun.

© Mac Logan

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