Will Lies Make the Bubble Squeak or Burst?

Will Lies Make the Bubble Squeak or Burst?

Parliament, over many years and in many diverse ways, has allowed its powers to ebb away, to the extent that it has become a weak institution, with very little power and little relevance to the concerns of ordinary people. Richard North

Who is lying? Bubble squeak?

bubble squeak we-didnt-mean-itYou can almost hear the earnest innocence of the corrupt. Why should the Bubble squeak? Because, everywhere you look, there’s potential trouble in the Westminster Bubble. You know, that place where UK politicians, (who swear they aspire to serve us with eternal and selfless devotion) expend phenomenal energy and expertise on our behalf. Okay perhaps, there are tribal battles of spin, deceit and vengeance. Not forgetting the pursuit of money, and lots of it.

We elect our leaders. That’s what democracy is all about, isn’t it? We select them, and therefore we put our trust in them. Good faith is a strange idea when relying on people who distort the truth.

The Northern Bubble Con

When will the voters, who protested by voting leave, realise they were conned? How much pain must happen?

What will they do if their jobs, pensions, health and education opportunities go? Over the weekend the Brexit Campaigners attempted to quietly drop certain of their claims and renamed themselves Change Britain. All this is reminiscent of when bubbles squeak in a bath. They look as pretty as the scented soapy bubbles then burst with a sulphurous stink.

truth-bus might make the bubble squeakThere are loads of bubbles burbling away out there. What is the truth?

Labour of Love?

Corbyn’s original bid came about because twenty MPs, (with a tokenistic mindset?) decided he (his ilk) should be given a voice. After all, he’d never catch on with his old-fashioned ideas. But he caught on … yes he did. Perhaps new members joined the party to support a left-leaning leader. So, while our far-righters applied piles of money and spin for Brexit, the opposition was busy opposing each other not coming together to save us from disaster. Crazy. A significant disagreement between the hired help (MPs) and the grassroots (left-leaning people) risked and lost all. Ideology wrecks countries.

Bubble Squeak for the Scots

Remember Scottish devolution? How the settlement included proportional representation. Interesting word, proportional (comparable, pro rata, in proportion, commensurate, equivalent, etc). The reasoning was simple: if political representation is proportional there could never be an overall majority, and true power would, therefore, always reside in Westminster. Then the SNP won a majority …

It’s hard not to wonder, bearing in mind the democratic and demographic insignificance intended for Scotland, if the idea of true democracy has yet to penetrate the Westminster political bubble at all. “Brexit is Brexit” after all. Even if there is no political mandate for the government.

Bubble squeak begins at Westminster, doesn’t it?

Imagine, shocked politicians and parties discovering that there are people they must pay attention to outside their Bubble. Imagine they also have differing views about what matters, politically. What are they to do? Ignore the people as now and spin for their caustic new order?

Brexit – Hubble Bubble Squeak and Trouble – What Honeymoon?

Theresa May, says Brexit means Brexit. That’s it, sod all. And she can’t say what it means for citizens. It seems they don’t know yet. It’s something having won the vote, the leaders are scrapping about. Perhaps a ‘foreign’ paper can help.

The Bubble is in disarray

Is the bubble-moon over?

  • Will BoJo and LiFox stop in-fighting? *POP*
  • Will Philip Hammond cope? *POP*
  • Will the EU do what BoJo, LiFox and MiGov promised? *POP*
  • Will our government simply ignore matters? Why worry when there is ZERO accountability?  *POP* *POP* *POP* *POP* *POP*!

Bubble Quandary

The EU/UK split is decided. Will a status quo remain? Or, will more bubbles burst as our fellow citizens suss out the spin and half-truths, get out of their own bubbles and demand honesty and effectiveness from our leaders?

Brexit or Bremain, I don’t care. The main issue is clear thinking, enabling clear goals and the goals, in turn, being turned into a credible national plan. Where are the people in charge who can and will deliver that? *POP* *POP* *POP* *POP* *POP* Thought so.

Will things ever be the same again? I hope not. We need change.

© Mac Logan

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