What’s Scots, ignored and loaded with potential? -SPORT #scottishwomensfootball

… Scottish Women’s Football, that’s what.

The person that said winning isn’t everything, never won anything. Mia Hamm

Flowing grace, athleticism and commitment. Those are characteristics of a team that’s 12th in Europe and 21st in the world. Much better than the men and a great deal worse off … go figure.

Yesterday I met a young woman who plays as an international for Scotland. There were no bells and whistles. Nor was there an aura of celebrity. Just an attractive young woman who I wouldn’t recognise in the street.

Our Scottish women might one day top the world! But will we ever find out? What’s stopping them? Media invisibility and a lack of money. As far as I’m concerned, that must change. And, as for the footballer I met:

What’s she got?

  • ability
  • a positive attitude
  • the grit to train and work as well
  • more than 40 international caps
  • great potential for another 7 or 8 years at the top
Fantastic you may say … sounds good, doesn’t it? 

Not as good as it could be. Wake-up! Here is a gifted young person who has no properly funded way of finding out where her potential might take her. Nightmare! Fellow Scot, Kim Little, playing professionally in England, has just been named (the first ever) Professional Footballers’ Association Women’s Player of the Year. This is a rightable wrong. There are gold nuggets here.

What’s she missing?

  • pay, enough to allow her to train and rest full time
  • a complete professional support mechanism and facilities 
  • resources to realise her potential
Our government and press exhort us to ‘be all you can be’. The SFA doesn’t appear too interested. Here we have a team that has the potential to vastly out perform their male counterparts and which may soon be even better. They might even qualify for the next women’s World Cup. If they did, would anyone notice?

This is a cause worth getting behind. Help put Scottish Women’s Football on the map and find a way to help our players realise their potential. If you live in a country like the USA where resources are available for women’s sport … lend your voices; let’s make a noise! 

As my writing gains support so my resources will flow towards my charities and Scottish Women’s Football.

© Mac Logan

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