What Restored My Soul?

What Restored My Soul?

Restored soul?

A view and a moment alone. A souls-ease  DIY opportunity.

Study Window
My study faces out over fields, sea and onwards to Edinburgh. Moment by moment the sea shimmers and fades once more: slate grey.

The sky hurtles by in the turbulent grasp of a blustery wind as sun, clouds and rain create the light show.

I sit entranced, internal pause button on.

Restored Soul?

At this point, I suppose, you might expect a lurch into a philosophical exposition wild skies, squally showers and their metaphoric impact on life.

But there’s nothing today. Just peace, acceptance and calm. I watch, insulated from the wild outside. And peace is mine to enjoy.

Safe in my writing cocoon, I’m comfortable and easy in my skin. Moments like these should touch us all.

© Mac Logan

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