Top 6 Tunes for Radio GaGa – radio interview

Top 6 Tunes for Radio GaGa – radio interview

Radio GaGa? you’re kidding

Radio GaGa a fine tune
Speak to me, so I know which end is front …

Radio GaGa? Of course I’m kidding. Scroll on down; there are six great tracks with links below.

I’m on a Scottish community radio show at Radio West Fife next week at 10 am UK time (there’s an Internet play button on the right). Do listen. They say they’ll YouTube it if they can.

I’m in for a grilling about my writing, life and other stuff by the West Fife Torquemada of the airwaves, Keith Lyall. He asked for six tunes I’d like to share, and here’s my selection with YouTube links and brief explanations.

On my last foray with the BBC, I called my editor ‘MIss Whiplash’ on air. She forgave me. And, to celebrate, please enjoy the tunes.

1. Radio GaGa – Queen

It makes me smile and tap my feet every time I hear it.

2. Losing My Religion – R.E.M.

Gives me a restless sense of desperation.

3. Dearg Doom – Horslips

Imagine a wild Celtic warrior charging to the fight

4. Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E Minor, 1st mov – Julia Fischer

The first classical performance I ever attended as a boy … it moves me still

5. Nothing Compares to You – Sinead O’Connor

Pulls my heart-strings. I want to cry with her

6. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon and Garfunkel

Maybe they did fall out … but what compassion

And my bonus is … Ballet Rocks, enjoy

The energy, grace and simplicity is fantastic …

If you can, join us next Tuesday.

My goodness, this is now eight years old. Sad to say Keith Lyall passed away a few years ago – a fine man and sadly missed.

Mac Logan


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