The Sky and I

The Sky and I

The sky is an infinite movie to me. I never get tired of looking at what’s happening up there. K D Lang

The Sky, me oh my

One glance squeezed my brakes, hard. Imagine,  a single glimpse and the world ceased for a wee chunk of time—no slow motion—straight to stasis.

I don’t know if my jaw dropped. A sense of peace oozed into me. Awareness coalesced in a instant. No more: thinking, ruminating, chattering synapses … nada. My consciousness melded with my unusual sky, and … bedang!


For an eternal moment something akin to awe, every bit as powerful, but less overwhelming, gripped me. I enjoyed a brief and paradoxically timeless sense of connection to something wonderful.


Somewhere inside a a tiny voice urged: get it! get it! I picked up my phone and snapped the view from my study window. The phone wires were in the way, blast.

Not good enough. I charged down the stairs, dashed out through the french windows, sprinted over the patio and leapt bare-foot into our autumnal garden … and snapped again.

There, feet on damp grass, the landscape and light had an awesome scale, yet I belonged: a tiny speck of humanity experiencing womb-like comfort in a vast panorama of earth, sea and sky.


Can a picture truly represent and amazing moment in one’s life? I’m not sure. I’m certain of one thing – I want to share it. Here you go …

The sky and I

© Mac Logan

link to toddler picture

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