Strut your Strong and Stable Stuff …(videos)

Strut your Strong and Stable Stuff …(videos)

Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, shame on me

Strong and Stable

Are you losing the will to live? I know I am. And, I don’t fully understand the rationale of our PM’s metronomic slogan. How respectful is a party-line based on a soundbite? How adequate a claimed mandate based on an unexplained word … Brexit?
People are counting how often the slogan is used. In fact, the daily Telegraph did good job of putting Theresa May to music.
[wpvideo cKA28kmn]
We need only look at our political leaders at work to understand that not everything is strong and stable.

“Back my team” – is her team backing the PM? (2. below)

Okay, it may please some folk that there was a rumble of sorts at a Brexit dinner at  Number 10 (Brit equivalent of the Whitehouse) . A few things emerged from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper (more detail here):

  1. “May has made clear to the Commission that she fully expects to be re-elected as PM.”
  2. “May seemed pissed off at Davis for regaling her dinner guests of his ECJ case against her data retention measures three times.”
  3. “May … seemed to the EU side not to have been fully briefed.”

There’s quite a lot more if you follow the link. I’m scared, when she gets her feet under the table, she’ll give some marching orders. You know …
[wpvideo vZrOzF27]

Poor old Boris

It seems they want BoJo (Boris Johnson) in his cage. Already the grapevine says he won’t be Foreign Secretary after the election. It was hard to feel sympathetic when he finally admitted the £350 million per week figure, for the NHS, on the side of the red Brexit battle bus was wrong, and is not set-aside for the NHS anyway.

Strong and stable? Pull the other one

Strut your stuff indeed. Get stuffed more like. The funny walk above is about totalitarian madness. Is “strong and stable leadership”, as we daily witness it, about democracy? or autocracy?
What about clear goals, conciliatory and respectful behaviour? How do you feel about the waspish childishness of many politicians? Embarrassed? Delighted? Proud to pay their wages?
Mrs May mouths slogans in a naked quest for power. What might such monarchic power bestow on her and her inept team. Toddlers can do it better … coming soon.

© Mac Logan


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