Rabbit, Lights, Action … Poor Diane Abbot

Rabbit, Lights, Action … Poor Diane Abbot

Rabbit, Lights, Action …

It’s awkward when your brain freezes. I watched Diane Abbott the other day as she tried to remember the budget for 10,000 extra police. I saw her glazed-rabbit-stare as if speeding lights approached. Her blank face struggled with fish-mouthed panic. Imagine, searching your inner filing cabinets and coming up blank.

Down and kicking

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Okay, we can be scathing about politicians, but in this case I felt sympathy. She squirmed in a human way.
She’d have kept my rapport but for a defensive/self-excusing ramble at the BBC later. A hand up and a quick “okay, okay, I blew it,” would have worked better for me.
It was a simple human moment we can all experience. It’s happened to me before. Has it happened to you?

Waste of time, sharing

Right on the point of empathy I came to the conclusion that sharing such trivia in the general hiatus of comments and chaos, claim and counterclaim, mendacity and alternative facts is probably futile… And then Michael Gove had his car-crash, just yesterday.

It wisnae me … good old Scot’s excuse, that

Well I didn’t have a role in writing the manifesto. I’m here to outline the principles behind it and I think the principles are right.” Michael Gove, 18 May, 2017

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Right Michael? Your innocence shines bright  … after all you, as you say, didn’t write the manifesto. Complicit perhaps, but not liable for the content … only following orders. It was a principle stand after all, key facts not required, who, needs them?
My sympathy button failed to depress, in that I am blameless. It’s fair to say depression was all that was left to me.
As for forgiveness, I hope Theresa May is as forgiving of Michael Gove as Jeremy Corbyn was of Diane Abbott. Some how I doubt it. Poor Michael Gove … back to the wilderness?
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