The Procurement Money Pit

Those who cannot learn the lessons of the past are condemned to repeat them.

A procurement money pit is sticky, like La Brea … and you don’t get change

151209 ACComing soon to a procurement money pit near you … Aircraft carriers, the UK Olympics, UK Ministry of Defence overspends, fraud and error, concealed and almost concealed, IT screw-ups, charging for services never delivered … there’s a vast wad of mis-spent money, never mind the crazy espousal of HS2

Procurement money pit

(UK High Speed Train) and Trident renewal.

Enough between them all, I suppose, if unspent, to let us all retire at 60 with an excellent pension to boot.

 Saving Pensions and Angry Mentions

The other day one of my Facebook pals wandered into some hot water and a bit of snash (Scottish word for describe nippy conflict) about the government keeping people working to save pensions money, social benefits spending, and so on. It’s going to keep happening if the procurement money pit keeps stealing our cash.
I smile because the spat was separate from the factors that created the battlefield. So splendidly human… an argument over whether a firemen of 60+ is sensible, with some political rage thrown in. And, I suppose, the feelings of safety experts on seeing a white-haired granddaddy coming up a ladder to save them.

Cost and Loss

This led me to post (slightly edited) as follows:

I’m a member of the 65+ brigade. So far I’m thankful for my health and *some* fitness. 

The heat (ar! ar!) generated at the beginning of this post interested me. Why are we angry with government incompetence and ineptitude?  This is the way we citizens have allowed our world/life to become. 

  • How might we (better) use the energy of our anger?
  • Can we apply it to demand and secure change for the better?

The harsh present and bleak future we curse and moan about is something we can fix … if we’ve a mind to. There’s little point in being angry about things. Doing nothing enforces the way things are.

Is political ideology the key? Who of our political leaders or parties inspire you? How will more of the same benefit our children and grandchildren?

Tom Lehrer said “Life is like a sewer — what you get out of it depends on what you put into it…” 

Am I alone in my concerns about this? We are where we are. What are we going to do about it?

by Mac Logan

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