Old Dog, New Tricks

We’ve put more effort into helping folks reach old age than into helping them enjoy it Frank Howard Clark

There’s loads of life in the old dog yet!

Old Dog didn't dieShocking information … I’ve still over 30% of my life to go (see below).

Hey oldsters! I can’t call you old dogs anymore it’s sexist, non PC and besides, any old bitches out there might take umbrage (scary thought).


It means we still have a future: good or bad, rough or smooth, tears or laughter. So, if the Black Dog visits, kick the mutt in the butt (no Madam, not other parts that rhyme). There’s no point in sitting there telling yourself you’re doomed, most of us aren’t.

We need not allow negative, fearful thoughts to rule our lives. A friend of mine after a huge personal disaster gave the lie to his fear. He told me fear was:


Let’s check some facts: [polldaddy poll=8969874]

Appliance of Science

Don’t believe me when I say most of us have a future? Check the Surgeons’ Life Expectancy Calculator out. I must decide what to do with my 22 extra years.


For Example: When the Melt-Down happened in 2008, many of us older people caught a cold. However we care to dress it up, the banking collapse happened. We can apportion blame, moan or criticise the incompetence and greed that brought it about. Of course our politicians continue to inflict austerity on us for their failures. Whatever one feels about their parentage, silver spoons, personality defects or other blemishes,

Maybe justice will happen one day (please God). However, it means many of us over 60’s may have to stay in employment, get back to work or, at least, find a way to generate income. We are where we are.

Shape Up

as I think, so I am

There’s truth in that statement. It also applies to other people considering us:

as they think so we are

These two perceptions challenge us to make time and apply effort to:

Look at ourselves

  • determine our true situation
  • decide how we want our lives and world to be
  • assess options and plan action to achieve our goals

Engage with our ‘helpers’

How are we going to get others to help and support us? People like:

  • employers
  • past, present or future colleagues
  • banks, agencies and charities who can help us find alternative income streams

The Challenge is Ours

Is your spirit broken? If you’ve read this far, I doubt it. At our age we’ve all had tough times and we Scots/Brits (substitute your nationality) have grit.

Still, regardless of our spirit, it’s one thing to get up off the floor and quite another to push on and make an alternative future. We’re bound for unfamiliar territory and we’re going to have to be effective in our new world.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Mac Logan

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