Man-flu, antibiotics, dentists and insensitive women friends

Man-flu, antibiotics, dentists and insensitive women friends

Men, don’t tell women your health problems, half of them have enough hassles of their own – and the other half call it man-flu. Mac Logan

dentistMan-flu, antibiotics, dentists

Many of my woman friends make less than sympathetic noises when I’m ill or aching.

They call it man-flu and it covers a lot of conditions. It may look like cruelty, but then again, lovable eyes twinkle.

Twinkle, twinkle little eyes

Is it non-PC to enjoy a laugh at your own expense? Even if I’m suffering it lifts me as reality is somehow reversed.  I generally join in the fun and banter. Even when I’m not too well. The outcome is … light-hearted.

The tooth won’t set you free

This generic term covers everything from indigestion to injury, to toothache, speaking of which … my new dentist (female) is, or should I say was, rectifying a badly fitted crown (by a male dentist).

A (female) dentist, at the previous practice advised me I’d have to live with it. So far no man-flu. My new dentist and I talked it through. The bad fit couldn’t continue or I’d suffer long-term, so work started.

Now I’ve got you

With a bit of bad luck a horrible abscess made its presence felt. It reared its head big-time at a working meeting with Pauline McGee, the artist, Monday past. We do art and poetry work together. We bantered about man-flu … She looked at me closely and told me to call my dentist. I did. Ninety minutes later my mouth was wide open.

Exam time

Ouch.’ The probing brown eyes conveyed compassion. She expressed empathy for me.

‘Urrrg hmmm brzzle gunk.’ Its hard to speak with fingers and a probe filling your mouth.

Twenty minutes later I had a pack of powerful, horrible, side-effect riddled antibiotics. The list of potential man-flu symptoms, if the medicine didn’t agree, with me was massive. If I didn’t swell like a balloon, throw-up, hallucinate, have diarrhoea or constipation, exhibit low blood-pressure or have appendages drop off … I’d be fine.

To cap it all, the pharmacist said no alcohol. The last refuge of a Scottish man-flu victim denied me.

Out of beautiful minds

A couple of woman friends said it’s “man-flu.” One (female) pal wrote about me the awful side-effects of my medicine, sympathised and, at one point, called me a Wuss. I could hardly read the email for the tears flooding my eyes … it hurt to laugh.

Seriously folks …

A couple of days down the road and it’s less sore. An extraction is scheduled next week with a bridge to follow.

Yet, when it comes to the non-PC words from some female pals, I appreciate being the butt of their over-the-top man-flu jests.

My, it’s good to be one of the girls.

© Mac Logan

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