I wandered peaceful as a cloud — through wood, by loch and country kirk

Pictures and a poem from a wee walk I had the mid-March near Elie, Fife. A cold light-misted day as spring nears—fabulous—in a simple heart filling way.

peaceful as a cloudPeaceful as a Cloud

Past the big house leave the world

With muted steps on peaceful paths

Where snowdrops kiss’d by wind unfurl

Midst trunks and leaves
ahead the strath


A tree-lined avenue leads on

A reed-rimmed loch exposes sky

Boathouse bay yet ne’er a swan

And Largo Law stands closely by


Straight beyond the reedy frond

A staunch kirk tow’r points straight to God

And not far past the curling pond

Church-wall echoes weary plod


Last strides on a country lane

My step a rhythmic metronome

Gentle hills shield Colinsburgh …

And now elated safely home


© Mac Logan

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