I Ask Myself

I Ask Myself

I Ask Myself (as I reach for the sky)I see the world through two blue eyes
That focus light inside my brain
Observe the work of natures hands
And rainbow spectrum after rain
Gaze at a dawn’s eternal splendour
Turning blackened clouds to gold …

But do I see truths of existence — greatly sought since times of old?

I hear the world through two lobed ears
That let sound pass into my mind
And listen in to natures sounds
Sweet bird song and wind whipped brine
Have heard a new birth scream at life
Brave tales heroes strong and bold …

But do I hear truths of existence — greatly sought since times of old?

I touch the world with two strong hands
Passing texture to my brain
Feel the strength of natures building
Rose thorn’s jagged prick of pain
Have clenched smooth pebbles in my hand
Felt water trickle from my hold …

But do I touch truths of existence … greatly sough since times of old

Mac Logan

I’m packing up to move to our new home, two seeks on Friday. That means I’m digging through old stuff. I found a heap of my poems and songs from early to mid 70s (age 23 -25).

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