Great Gettin’ Up Morning …

Great Gettin’ Up Morning …

Oats are … ‘a grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people.’ Samuel Johnson

Gettin’ Up …

great gettin up morninWhen was the last time you sprang out of bed? or … Lurched towards consciousness unsure of where, maybe even who, you were? or… Had a panic attack when you saw the time? or… if you’re old enough … Realised you’d forgotten to put your teeth in after you were on your train.


Usually I do get going with purpose, if not down-right gusto. Today was an exception … but that’s another story, to do with ageing and hard work. Who ever said ‘take the pain’ is right, if somewhat masochistic … but that’s another story

Great Gettin’ Up Morning? Why?


Scotland’s other national dish, porridge. Porridge? Yup, one of the yummiest foods ever. You can ask my writer-friend Sam Russell if you like or check our Twitter feeds. She has perverse ideas about porridge – at least until she discovered she had an equally deviant person in me, and I’m a Scot.

Porridge dilemma

My two year old granddaughter managed to lead me astray via a food request, porridge. Turns out the type of porridge she gets involves cream and sultanas. Make some? Of course. When the apple of your eye commands, the old-boy obeys.

Okay, I made the usual noises at the outset: Philistines, English lack of taste, St Andrew will complain to Himself upstairs. Then …

Big Mistake

I tasted it. I loved it. I’ve made it for myself … even added dark Muscovado sugar. Next step? Recipes – watch this space. Sam has an interesting take or two.

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3 thoughts on “Great Gettin’ Up Morning …

  1. Have you ever eaten it cold? I remember reading a book which suggested (historical novel) that back in the day it was common to allow the porridge to cool and solidify and break lumps off? Fact or fiction? Weirdly I’ve always fancied that…but my bowl does’t hang around long enough to test the theory.

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