Exciting Kindle Direct Event near Edinburgh 8 Feb 2024

Exciting Kindle Direct Event near Edinburgh 8 Feb 2024

Amazon Kindle Direct Event – Musselburgh

A pal contacted me with details of this Amazon Kindle Direct event in Musselburgh (Loretto School Theatre) on Thursday, 8 February, from 09:30 to 12:30. Amazon is directly involved.
Whilst coffee will be served, sadly, there seem to be no plans for a free lunch. Follow the link if you need to overcome writer’s block before attending.
There is a regular direct bus service from Edinburgh City Centre to Loretto School (approx 30 mins).

Amazon involved

Darren Hardy, Amazon UK Manager of Author and Editorial Programmes and the Literary Partnership at Amazon. Michaella Parkes, UK Author /Agent Lead, will set out the processes involved in utilising Kindle Direct Publishing and strategies to maximise the opportunities for the sale of all book formats.
There will also be a ‘meet the Authors’ panel providing personal experience of publishing via KDP.  In both sessions, there will be an opportunity for an Audience Q+A. It is an exciting chance to meet/hear from and directly question members of the Amazon team.

Kindle Direct Event – Link and Programme

Open Invitation

If you are thinking of making moves in Kindle Direct self-publishing and live near Edinburgh, this is a chance to get helpful information directly from Amazon and other experts. Networking is bound to happen. I’m going.
You are welcome to pass this on to anyone you think may be interested.


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