Official and Happy Bandits at Anchor After Lockdown

Official and Happy Bandits at Anchor After Lockdown

Official Bandits at the Anchor

Bandits at the Anchor Hotel
Mac with Chef Proprietor Gary

The team look like bandits, at the Anchor Hotel. Face masks mean eye contact is essential. What a great welcome from loads of friendly crinkled eyes.

Bandits at Johnshaven? Where?

Why pitch up for a break in a wee hotel, in a small village, on the rugged Scots coast north of Montrose as lockdown eases? Simple, we love it there.

Have a break

Not surprisingly, after a longish lockdown, we wanted to get out and about. As a result, thinking of a place to go, we wondered whether The Anchor made it through the lockdown. Survive, they did. Right now they are training staff to keep themselves and their customers safe. They’d call it good-humoured cleanliness as they clean and swab things down.

Bandits at he Anchor at Johnshaven white awningWe know the Anchor Hotel and the Johnshaven area. Of course, we’ve stayed there a few times. What’s more, we stop there for lunch, now and then, on our way further north or on our way back.

Up the ramp

What’s the first thing you notice in a bar? Ask me, and I’ll say brass beer taps and a cheery smile. I’m glad to report the pumps were there (and working). The bandits at the Anchor are friendly enough.

Behind a mask, I believe a welcoming grin greeted me. It’s the way the covering stretches. Once inside we had to sanitise our hands and say hello to an anonymous, face-masked person. The Anchor has more hand sanitiser for use than anywhere I’ve been so far.

It seems we were the first overnighters on the day they reopened. That’s why I wrote this wee blog. I hope many people will drop by and chill with a great team. After my CoVid near miss, being alive and in such a fantastic location raised my spirits.

Now, two days later, we’re back home after a two day stay, great food and a wonderful reacquaintance with Johnshaven and St Cyrus Beach nearby. Great place, with great food, in a great area.

© Mac Logan

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