A Year On – Oh Happy Day

A Year On – Oh Happy Day

Happy Day?Happy Day?

The roof held, the old hut didn’t blow down and we had another grandchild in April.

What’s to go wrong?

If you asked me last year I’d have said “the storms came – just when we moved in.” There was an ever present concern about the roof.

Famous last words?

I can’t help smiling, that’s because the storms haven’t come yet, the roof is sorted and we’ve survived. If anyone thinks the old hut is missing, it is. We tore it down a few weeks back.


Then there’s the folk we live alongside. They make life easy and happy. They’re helpful, friendly and there.

These are pragmatic folk who care. We share concerns about the political stupidities of the world. Then we shake heads over a cup of tea, a bit of craic and find something to laugh about.

Glad to live in a beauteous place

Here’s a view from the garden the other day. Apart from holding my iPad the wrong way, what’s not to like?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChMVXeBtyDw?rel=0]

Short and sweet, but there you go.

I hope your autumn is every bit as pleasant.

© Mac Logan

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