A Spirit Soars on Lossiemouth Beach

Reckety Bridge at Lossiemouth BeachOn Lossie Beach

Off “Rickety Bridge” my feet kiss sand
Then follow waves’ hiss to the sea
The brine so cool it soothes my heart
As surf’s caress enlivens me

Soothed feet on Lossiemouth BeachSome way down the shore, a stump
Brought in by tide, a rooted seat
I rest myself, admire the view
Distant surfs’ crash keeps a beat

Seagull Feather on Lossiemouth BeachA seagull feather follows wind
Its gentle rocking points the way
Black dried seaweed wriggles free
And kissed by chaos leaps away

I gaze across the brawny Firth
The rolling sea, eternal sky
A filling heart and sense of worth
As windblown seabirds wobble by

Awesome beach bestows soul’s peace
A sandy breeze abrades my shin
Rain kissed breeze says time is come
To stand and wander back again

Lossiemouth BeachSuch time alone restores my heart
Affirms forgotten facts I know
Of friends, love, life and wistfulness
Of mighty nature’s ebb and flow

Mac Logan

Mac Logan

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