TICKETS for 8 Crime Writers, a Killing and an Investigation … Join Us

TICKETS for 8 Crime Writers, a Killing and an Investigation … Join Us

That’s right 8 Crime Writers

8 Crime Writers, A Killing, An Investigation

WE’RE HAVING A MURDER MYSTERY and you’re invited. There might even be a killer at your table. Use your detective skills to find out?
This is a chance to meet 8 crime writers with murder on their minds, and not just in their books. Join us for a fun-filled evening of questions, lies, tall tales and murder. A perfect combination.
This is a fundraiser for the Colinsburgh Galloway community library.

8 Crime Writers? Yes, Count ’em …

Caroline Dunford

Caroline Dunford is the author of the Euphemia Martins Historical Mysteries.
After time spent as a journalist and a psychotherapist, I became a full-time author and playwright in 2002.
How we interact as human beings has been a life-long fascination for me, and even led me to do a second degree in psychology. 
Investigate Caroline here

Chris Longmuir

Chris Longmuir is the author of the Dundee Crime Series and the Kirsty Campbell Mysteries.
Dundee and crime are the mix I use to create stories about the dark side of life. There are no angels in my novels which illustrate the lives of drug users, pushers, gangsters, stalkers, and the people who live in their midst.
The police characters are no different, they have their own demons to deal with. 
Investigate Chris here

Jackie McLean

Jackie McLean is the author of Scottish crime fiction Toxic and Shadows.
My first novel, Toxic, was published in November 2014. It was shortlisted for the 2011 Yeovil Literary Prize and is the first in a three-part series.  The second in the series (Shadows) is being published shortly, and I am currently working on the third book (Run).
Investigate Jackie here

Lesley Kelly

Lesley Kelly is the author of A Fine House in Trinity and The Health of Strangers.
Lesley Kelly has worked in the public and voluntary sectors for the past twenty years, dabbling in poetry and stand-up comedy along the way.
She has won a number of writing competitions …
Investigate Lesley here

Mac Logan

Mac Logan is the author of The Angels’ Share series.
Short of spending a lifetime in jail, a vengeance trail of murder and mayhem has few acceptable alternatives. Writing is one of them.
My thrillers offer a sense of recourse against corrupt people and cadres who screw us and steal our money.
Investigate Mac here

Marsali Taylor

Marsali Taylor is the author of six traditional crime novels starring her Shetland sailing heroine Cass Lynch.
I can’t remember a time when I didn’t write! My mother still has a little notebook of ‘stories’ I wrote when I was six, mostly accounts of something that happened in our holidays, with a little picture beside each. At University, I moved on to historical romance, and I wrote two historical novels before returning to mystery fiction.
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Neil Broadfoot is the author of the critic acclaimed Doug McGregor crime series, including Falling Fast.
Neil worked as a journalist for fifteen years at both national and local newspapers, covering some of the biggest stories of the day.
He’s a poacher turned gamekeeper.
Investigate Neil here

Wendy H Jones

Wendy H. Jones is the author of The DI Shona Mckenzie Mysteries, The Fergus and Flora Mysteries and Cass Claymore Investigates.
Having read all the books in the local library by the age of ten, she entered into a spirited discussion with a librarian as to why she should be provided with an adult library card. Showing steely will, and determination, she won her battle and moved on to reading adult crime novels … now she writes them.
Investigate Wendy here

Dare you risk attending Murder and Mayhem plus?  and uncover what you might have been missing …

8 thoughts on “TICKETS for 8 Crime Writers, a Killing and an Investigation … Join Us

  1. Hi there, Just wondering where you’re at with ticket sales for this?I’d like to come and bring a friend, but she’s been poorly and would need to see how she’s doing later in the week before committing: are there likely to be tickets on the door? Alternatively, if I booked now and we can’t make it, is it likely I’ll be able to resell the tickets (I could still bring them to the venue if you’re expecting a walk-up). Not expecting you to have a crystal ball 🙂 – just an idea how busy it’s looking thus far. Many thanks – and hope to see you there.

    1. Hi Sue
      We’re using Eventbrite for the first time. We have bookings and local interest. I won’t have further information until later in the week.
      What we can do, in your special circumstances, is have two tickets awaiting payment on arrival. If your friend can’t make it, and you can come, then you need only pay for one ticket. If you can’t make it, we’ll understand.
      As of now, I shall be praying for your pal on a daily basis ????.
      We very much appreciate your interest and look forward to seeing you on Saturday.
      Warm regards

  2. This was such a good night! Well done to all those who organised it. Much enjoyed hearing about some new authors and to buying a couple of their novels … And here’s to solving another murder before too long.

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