Devil’s Due 3rd book in Epic and Gritty series (video)

Devil’s Due 3rd book in Epic and Gritty series (video)

Devil’s Due

Welcome to a taste of the third book in The Angels’ Share series, The Devil’s Due. Don’t forget to check out Angels’ Cut and Dark Art.

Mac Logan Angels' Share series Buy a BookUnsurprisingly, the challenges continue. Behind the scenes, officials and politicians (some senior) apply pressure and stall the enquiries into corruption and malfeasance. However, that hasn’t stopped the enquiries and cooperation with the USA and Europe. Then, with key political changes and Brexit looming, The Agency is allowed to progress its agenda. 

Permission and resistance cut both ways. Aggressive counteraction is on the way as, once more, the gloves are off. The other side is willing to kill its own.

The Devil’s Due …

Devil's Due cover

Here’s a short extract:

A car passed from the north side, over the bridge and turned south. The tail lights dwindled.  ‘Okay?’


He remembered his first jump from a plane. The less thinking time, the better. ‘Up you come.’

The parapet was about two feet wide. He helped Jeannie slide over the edge, holding her wrists tight. She let her right leg go down while her left knee and calf rested on the bridge. Fearful breath hissed. ‘I’ve got you, let your other leg dangle.’

She dragged her knee off the bridge with a little squeal and hung from her father’s hands. ‘I’m okay.’

‘That’s my girl.’ He leaned forward, belt buckle grinding on stone, forearms locked on the rugged surface. He pushed her clear of the wall. ‘I’m going drop you. Remember, knees bent when you hit the water.’ Their eyes locked. ‘Swim clear, I’ll be right behind you.’ Trust and love shone from her eyes. His heart ached as he let her go, watching her pale face fall away and vanish in the gloom and roar of water.

Sam put his knee on the marker, gripped the edge of the stonework and pulled himself forward. His toe scraped free of the loose gravel as he swung his other leg up, squatting and preparing for the drop. 

As he rose to complete the move, a rough hand grabbed his collar and dragged him back towards the road. His mind screamed for Jeannie as he tumbled backwards onto hard tarmac.

relentless angels share series tasterRelentless is free

Explore Mac’s writing with a free read, use this link to register and get your free copy of Relentless the taster for the series. What’s more, you’ll find a longer Devil’s Due extract inside.