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the sky and awe

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Arise Amazing Country – 7 Big Aspirations for an Amazing Future

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Bread – Sourdough a go-go (revised)

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Toddlers know teamwork – see video – what can we learn? politicians?

Happy Day?

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Rage, Anger, Untruths, War … or Human Kindness … Christmas spirit

Happy Christmas - elves relax

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Christmas greetings – elves relax … and think of Govan

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Pastel skies, salty air and a healing feeling

man-flu reality

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Man-flu, antibiotics, dentists and insensitive women friends

Snake oil, who needs it?


Fix wrinkles, scare bugs and slugs, hide cellulite, boost energy and more: Snake oil, who needs it?

The sky and I

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A Year On – Oh Happy Day

a world of hurt and learning

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In the Crosshairs: a World of Hurt … and Learning

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