Multi-device Facebook Banner

Multi-device? One size fits all? Maybe. Here’s an idea to share if you or someone you know creates their own FB banners and such.
At an excellent writers’ workshop “Reaching Out, Holding On” by Vanessa Rawlings-Jackson (to readers) and a comment by Olga Wojtas added to  my awareness about the implications of what we do or do not do. Could it be these are opportunities we may well miss?
My Facebook banner needed changing. Some may do it often and remember the nitty gritty. Me, I had to look it up. Bingo, I stumbled on a technique for optimising a Facebook Banner for both Desktop and Mobile devices.


I learned that Facebook truncates banners outside its standard size limits. For the record, the approved size for desktop is 820 pixels wide and 312 pixels tall. Sad to say, mobile devices have images stretched to make them effectively taller, therefore (chew your fingernails!) possibly blurry on a phone (maybe a tablet too).


What’s the fix? A fix that works for me is this:
  1. Make graphics to a taller scale 820 px by 461 px
  2. Put your main desktop image in the middle 820 px by 312 px
  3. Add additional content above and below like bread on a sandwich
Note: Accurate sizing is important, even for something as mundane as this. On a Mac, I have found that the Preview app is a great cropper or resizer. Sometimes simple ideas make such a difference.


My 820 by 461 banner is here (scaled slightly). If you go to my page on a desktop (laptop?) you’ll see the middle bit. If you look at it on a mobile, you’ll see the full image.
For those of you so inclined, I hope, this is useful.
I’d love to hear your thoughts.