A Country is Known by the People it Keeps … sadly

HOW CAN IT BE that two powerful countries were able, using accepted electoral processes, to divide their citizens?

Leadership, but not as…

The USA and UK are so alike, both wonderful and stupid at the same time. Have we a parcel of rogues in charge? How can we straighten-out the catastrophic, selfishness, stupidity and ineptitude our elected leaders?

Facts? Who needs ’em?

In spite of unclear goals and strategies emotion rules. Are disdain, rage and bile helpful problem solvers? Daily, we watch people and politicians hurl abuse at each other. Why don’t we demand clarity of thinking, truth and clear strategic goals? Maybe we’ve never experienced it.

System working? For whom?

POLITICAL DECISIONS NOW and in the future will impact citizens’ wealth, safety and wellbeing for, it looks like, a long time to come. Be honest with yourself, how confident are you in our decision makers?

Go compare

Theresa May, UK

Donald Trump, USA


Theresa May asked the UK for a mandate … She didn’t get it, she lost her majority. Ministers and politicians, of all parties, are splintered and fighting. Where is truth? … Rome is burning, guys.

TM gained power and hangs on, in spite of losing the election. The small party, who help her stay in power, ignore the democratic wishes of their people, Northern Ireland.

May doesn’t listen, she evades, dissembles and dislikes migrants including unaccompanied children

TM leads a divided country and party

Parliamentary politics mean our politicians focus on their infighting instead of the UK’s needs

TM created a shamefully cruel immigration policy

TM Lacks empathy

TM’s thick (but not impervious) skin aids her survival

Theresa May claims to be a Christian

Donald Trump won over a major section of voters and got the presidency … There may have been some external naughtiness involved, but for now, that isn’t relevant, hints aren’t guilt.

Trump gained power, in spite of getting less votes than his opponent. Just now, with the change in the House, there’s a chance DT will be up against it fairly soon … and then what?

Trump doesn’t listen, tells lies & hates immigrants, including children

Trump leads a divided country and GOP

Partisan politics and self-interest means that shameful behaviours and dishonesty are accepted

Trump created a shamefully cruel immigration policy

Trump Lacks empathy

Trump’s thin skin, rudeness and cruelty abet his survival

Trump claims to be a Christian

Pointing fingers

YOU KNOW, the saying about when you point-the-finger, one finger points at the target and the other three point back at you.

FOR THIS REASON, I’m embarrassed and annoyed with myself. I tend to avoid the Brexit and Bremain rudeness because idiocy, whatever your stripe, is idiocy. It’s time to stand up and be counted.

GIVEN THE ABOVE, let’s face the facts:


  • A MEAN SPIRITED, incompetent Prime Minister is, dragging our country into an abyss of our own making. Around her, some (but not all) powerful politicians manoeuvre for best personal advantage.
  • THE PM PROCLAIMS her commitment to democracy yet:


POTUS isn’t our problem and, of course, I respect the office (and, I love the USA and have great friends there) … aside from all the cant, pettiness and petulance. Generally speaking, there is only one area, as an outsider, I will comment on.

HOW CAN POTUS harm his own government workers, over a political spat? It defies human decency. It’s stupid and cruel … and, I suppose, that’s where this blog started.

Poo’ liddle eejit (Elmer Fudd forgive me), someone wipe DT’s nose, he’s sniffing about being lonely again.

We Citizens

HOW CAN WE entrust the future of our children to leaders such as these? What are we going to do (peacefully, constructively and powerfully) about it?

IF YOU DON’T KNOW contempt for citizens when it slaps you in the face, God help us all.

© Mac Logan

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