Vive la difference

Vive la difference? Of course, we could say there are differences and there … are … differences. For instance, I’m a Scot and many of my readers aren’t. As a result, positive or negative views of me exist already.
Similarly, in The Angels’ Share series, Eilidh uncovers major Establishment crime and investigates. Her editor thinks her work is fabulous. The criminals don’t agree and decide to silence her. For such reasons, dramatic tensions whether real or fictional, arise. In the same vein, there are other aspects of life, such as trans issues, where the challenge is a different size altogether.

Do as you would be done by … Jesus

Aching difference

When you’re straight, white and live in a great community, things are comfortable. Not everybody enjoys such ease. Years ago the son of a friend dropped by. Gay, he came out to me as an ‘alpha-male’ he knew and trusted from childhood. His ‘difference’ caused him huge pain and self-doubt. Nowadays people may say it’s no big deal yet, even though they say it, it isn’t always true. Sadly, some differences are much tougher.

Painful experience

My first recollection of aggressive sexuality-discrimination happened at school. I was around 13 years old. One of my classmates was an out-there gay person. All femininity, ribald and bursting with humour. I liked him and stood up for him. One day, some cruel people put an explosive firework down his shirt-front. With an agonising burn, he soldiered on. His brightness didn’t succumb. I can see his cheeky/chirpy smile as I write.
Next, in my early thirties, I met a 6′ 4″ transgender person. When she transitioned she made use of a female toilet in her office, angst and rebellion erupted. As a matter of fact, over the next few years, her mental well-being suffered severely.

Singer or the Song? Vive la Difference?

Recently, I befriended a transsexual person and a great musician to boot. Tormented, she threatens self-harm and worse. I recall past events and good people harmed by prejudice and aggression. What can I say?
Bias, cruelty and ignorance exist in every society, we can do something about it. Vive la difference!

© Mac Logan