It came into my bathtub

The only thing you have to fear is fear itself…and spiders. F*** spiders! Anon

When does your autopilot kick in? In the morning, before my shower, things just happen.

Recently, my autopilot quit … just like that? There I was, rumbling through my routine and kapow!

Ever heard a grown man scream?

Bathtub SpiderMy morning visitor arrived unannounced and huge … biggest spider I’ve seen in the UK.

Imagine, you reach round the curtain, turn on the water, put your foot in the bath, and …

… something scurries over your toes, avoiding the deluge.

Don’t know what you’d do, but I actually grunted with surprise, and my foot was gone, gone in a rush of air.

Whadda f*** wiz that

After getting my foot to safety, I studied the beast. How beautiful. Hairy? yes. Scary? didn’t really want to cuddle it … so yes. My first thought? Save it. It may sound daft, but that’s what I did.

I put the bath mat over the bath and gently nudged it with a tooth brush handle. Herded  to the mat it shot up to the bath edge — its speed of movement, stunning.

I picked up the mat and gently shook it off. It darted under the sink and vanished back into its twilight world where, I assume, it eats ten times its weight in annoying flies and such.

If anyone can tell me:

  • what sort of spider it is, and,
  • if they bite

Please share.

It’s big, you say?

spider nozzleYes. See this picture? The nozzle is approximately 6.5 – 7.0 cm across.

Okay, it’s no tarantula, but it’s big enough for me.

Now, on the other hand, if I was on a camping trip …

Camping trip?

Come into my bathtup… and this happened, I think I might run a faster 100M than Usain Bolt.

Would I scream? Undoubtedly. Would I feel silly? Not at the time.

So, please remember, a spider’s worth saving.

Who cares if they have millions of eyes, hairy legs and make your skin crawl.

Save yourself a spider

don't kill a spiderApart from being fantastic predators, they tend to go about minding their own business.

In fact, they want to escape from our presence quick as they can.

Thus, even though I hid through half of the screening of Arachnophobia.

The moral of this tale is clear: be kind to arachnids …

At least as long as they’re not hiding down a loo you’re using in Australia.

© Mac Logan