Once upon a time there lived a bad burglar called Bob. Bob was an angry looking person. He looked a bit messy.

Also there lived a good person called Sam. Sam was a policeman and he was nice to people. 

On a rainy day Bob stole 1,754 sparkly jewels from the humongous bank. He also stole 12,367,459,876,890 dollars from the bank because he wanted to be rich. 

When morning arrived Sam had already woken up. He saw Bob with the stolen money. Bob was riding his motorbike. Sam quickly got his bike and started riding towards Bob. When Sam had caught Bob he arrested Bob and Sam put Bob into the black, big, dark jail.

© Eero

Eero sent me this story in April, it is on a wall in our kitchen. 

We met up again this week and talked about sharing it. He wanted to do that. His mum approved. 

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